​​Do you still want more leads or sales?

​If so this case study may help you...

​Unknown ad writer turns clients cold leads into repeat buyers of £199.00 annual subscriptions at 51% conversion rate from inside Coco Chanel's lavish seaside haven in Northern England*

​How ​is this possible though?

Well, if you've a good product you want to sell a lot more of then you'll be excited by the case study you read below...

Dave Alston Copywriter

​Hi, Dave Alston here​.

​​​You can use three simple keys if you want similar results.

​The short case study below for one of my clients shows how. ​​It's about how we used old fashioned email marketing alone to get these results (email autoresponders actually).

​Nothing fancy. 13 emails. That's it.

Here's ​how it went down...

The client is Nubridge Publishing Ltd. Language Angels is the name of their award winning language teaching​ resources they ​developed themselves and sell direct to schools.

​In doing so the​y've created something very special indeed.

​​Their experienced team of foreign language teaching specialists have spent thousands of hours over the years creating, testing and refining ​each aspect of how to make it extraordinarily easy for ​teachers to teach foreign languages​, including non linguists​.


They asked me to help them convert more free trial users to paid annual subscriptions. Subs cost £199.00 and renew each year. Language pack 'add-ons' are sold in the backend.

The overview

  • Project was split in two parts; online lead generation and email marketing to paid upgrade.
  • I wrote the email autoresponders for cold optins to upgrade (13 emails sent over six weeks).
  • A different marketing agency wrote a 'FREE REPORT' to drive optin leads via Facebook Ads.

The Agency's Free Report ​struggled

Well, if you're an overloaded teacher do you really want more guff to read?


​​Instead, on my side of the campaign our 13 emails focused on proving how stress busting, time saving​ and how much fun Language Angels resources are to use. 

​​A big part of that proof came by getting teachers to simply ​use ​​their free trial resources. That was the big call to action in every email, yet without being loud or pushy of course.


​We wove outstanding testimonials throughout our emails from heads and teachers who'd already experienced ​​​incredible results ​by using Language Angels​ the same way too.

Thankfully this part was easy...

​Because to our knowledge Language Angels have more testimonials of happy (transformed and empowered) teachers teaching primary foreign languages than any other foreign language resources in the UK.


  • ​​It's a brilliant product.
  • A real lifesaver for busy, stressed heads and teachers.
  • ​It removes primary teachers biggest language teaching fears... FAST.

Teachers didn't need a free report.

Instead many teachers need rescuing from feeling vulnerable.

This is because the legal requirement to teach a foreign language in class ​is pretty tough if you don't actually know the language you're supposed to be teaching. Talk about stress eh?


Enter friendly Language Angels...

What a relief!

As teachers trialed Language Angels our emails ​drip fed them hope, ​revealing step by step how to teach classes perfectly without ​stress. O​ne by one our emails answered all their objections.

The result?

Wonderfully, just thirteen emails transformed teachers confidence.

​Over six weeks as teachers read our emails, felt better about themselves and got busy using the resources their self-belief skyrocketed ​during the free trial. Children in class, colleagues, head teachers, even parents noticed the massive shift for the better and loved it too.

​​​And the real biggie?

These teachers are now super confident. (Even in front of school Ofsted inspectors).

​Class test results are sky high too.

So now​...

My client is highly regarded as a life saver by every school Nubridge partner with.

​​Paolo, the Director shares how our email campaign panned out...

"Our conversion rate of free trial users becoming paying customers has leapt to over 50%"

'I stumbled across Dave Alston almost by accident. I thank my lucky stars I did!

Since working with Dave
our conversion rate of free trial users becoming paying customers has leapt to over 50%. It was good before but Dave has made it phenomenal.

Dave’s emails and landing pages have taken us to a whole new level.

He’s really managed to nail the tricky skill of getting our brand and individual personalities across in our written communications and it’s making a massive difference to the success of our company.

Our customers love it because they get to know us as well as our product.

Dave is very easy to work with, very straightforward, clear, concise and precise. He has a great knack for understanding our business and delivers truly amazing results.'

Paolo Pini - Director. Nubridge Publishing.

​*Emphasis mine.

Paolo is very kind...

​Yet Language Angels made my job easy because they poured love, sweat and tears into building an incredible product teachers adore (a great product is the dream foundation for any copywriter).

​I used ​direct response ​marketing principles in my emails to get more sales faster.

​Others can do it too by studying 'old skool' direct response masters.

​e.g. Look at these nuggets from Dick Benson...

  • ​The more believable a special offer, the more likely it's success.
  • ​A two-time buyer is twice as likely to buy as a one-time buyer.
  • ​You can never sell two things at once.

That said...

Good copywriting is only one part of how to sell well.

These foundations below are key too...

​Three easy keys to selling

KEY 1: Great product

​Sell great products. Good copywriting can't help weak ones. Word reaches social media fast if a product is poor​. Great copy won't reverse that. Great product + good copy + good testimonials = GOOD SALES.

KEY 2: ​​Answer objections (1st)

​Walk in your prospects shoes. Match your message to solve their problems. Identify objections to your solution. Answer them up front in your copy. Teachers in our case study needed help, not marketing waffle.

​KEY 3: ​​​Compelling offer

​​Build strong offers. Use clear landing pages. Sell ONE offer on a page. Test headlines. Test story angles. Test offers. Don't run straight discount offers too often or folk will just wait for price drops.

KEY 4 (Xtra):​ ​Always follow up

​​Sell and keep selling. Though to be allowed to present your benefits on an ongoing basis folks must trust you. ​Build rapport over time so they like, trust and buy. ​​ Email marketing is still perfect for this.

On Dave Alston...

Dave Alston Copywriter

Dave is a direct response copywriter in Lancaster, Northern England, Great Britain. (Yes, it's still great).

He helps clients with excellent products and services who value direct response marketing.

(No start ups).

Dave has solid experience across B2C and B2B markets including natural health, financial, cosmetic surgery, travel, Christian publishing and Christian counseling.

​He also consulted on behalf of the UK's premier direct response agency, Conversion Rate Experts for two years where he hugely enjoyed helping their clients get bigger wins by God's grace.

This is the sort of fun work Dave enjoys...

  • Using email to help increase profits quickly and cost effectively. 
  • Hauling in million pound investors for clients instead of unprofitable leads. 
  • Landing pages. e.g. A 7 minute landing page tweak for client selling 'dull' $37 Ebook unlocks extra $25,000.00 recurring monthly profit for brother and sister​ info business (without spending a penny more on ads, or more traffic... yup, a sweet 25% profit boost).

What folks say...

​'Brought me million pound clients'

​'The marketing strategy Dave tailored to generate high quality leads for me has brought me million pound clients.​'

WILLIAM GEORGE  //  ​Financial Adviser

​'Persuasive, solid copy which gets results'

​'Dave writes persuasive, solid copy which gets results. He has written copy for a number of sales letters, landing pages, special reports and email autoresponder series for clients which have all performed very well.'

CHRIS MOLE  //  ​Chris Mole Media

​'​Dave really gets direct response'

​'Dave really gets direct response marketing, online and off.'

​JON GOLDMAN  //  ​​CEO BrandLauncher (and 'Lumpy Mail' legend).

​​'A massive difference to the success of our company'

​​'Since working with Dave our conversion rate of free trial users becoming paying customers has leapt to over 50%. It was good before but Dave has made it phenomenal.

Dave’s emails and landing pages have taken us to a whole new level.'

​PAOLO PINI  //  ​​Nubridge Publishing Ltd

Can you prosper in a similar way?


Maybe not.

At this stage without knowing your product, market, list or competition it's impossible to say.

To quote Marty Edelston...

'There are no simple answers. Everything is complicated and that's fine as long as you start with that premise. Then you find the best copywriters for your particular project and the advice of the best consultants.'

Marty Edelston: Founder of Boardroom Inc.

*Emphasis mine.

Having made that clear...

Do you need more leads or sales​?

Could your email marketing be pulling in way more sales for you?

Are your landing pages or offers weak?

If so see below...

Copywriting services

​SALES LETTERS: ​​Long form sales letters, VSL scripts, Webinar scripts  Landing pages​. Short video scripts. (No slots currently)​,

EMAIL MARKETING: ​Autoresponders or broadcast emails that convert into sales. I've consistently written emails with open rates of 25%-60%, up to 25% CTR and email sales conversions up to 51%.

​To finish, reflect on this question...

Imagine you got a QUARTER of the conversion rate featured in the headline at top of the page.​ ​That's right, forget 51% or even half that rate. Instead would a 12% conversion rate help your business?

Am I promising you a 12% conversion rate for the copy I write for your promo?


Without knowing your industry that would be foolish.

In some sectors a 5% conversion rate is admirable.

Take lead generation for instance.

This Unbounce Conversion Benchmark Chart is very revealing...

It shows average lead gen conversion rates across various sectors are between 2.6% to 6%. They analysed 74,551,421 visitors to 64,284 lead generation landing pages run through their sophisticated platform.

See for yourself (averages near the bottom on the white line)...

Lead generation conversion rates by Industry

​NOTE: Conversions in the Unbounce chart above are for leads generated only, not sales.

​Our 13 case study emails above converted cold leads into £199.00 sales at 51% conversion rate and have transformed the clients business.

That said...

Got a proven product people love? 

If so should we talk?

My record so far is 51% conversion rate to sales for email marketing as documented above. I've also increased lead generation and sales conversion rates by up to 67% for my copy and landing page work across a variety of sectors​.


If your product or service is good enough, should we ​consider combining forces?

We could aim high.

​Then if we miss the moon, we still land among the stars​.

And what if we even miss the stars? (Let's be real shall we?).

That's easy...

We roll out a fresh test of course.

And try again ;)


We'll only find out by writing something and rolling out your first test.

So if you'd like to put my copy to the test, ​inquire below.

(Or not).

It's up to you.

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