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"I'm ready to hire a good direct desponse copywriter who knows how to use email marketing to generate leads and make me more sales."

"Chuffed to hear it, Dave Alston is your man."

£38 return for every £1? Services
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"What do you do Dave?"

I write direct response copy :)

Sales Letters

I'm happy to write B2C sales letters or VSLs based on classic direct response principles.

By GOD's grace I've created landing pages and written copy which have helped clients bring in millions across many markets.

Email Autoresponders

I've consistently written emails for marketing with open rates of 25%-50%+, CTR up to 25% and conversion rates to 50%.

If your email  messages are weak leads and sales suffer. If your emails don't work call me.

Special Reports

I've written special reports for financial, health and internet marketing sectors.

Print and Design

We can produce your print promos: postcards, magalogs, lead generation letters etc.

  • "Dave writes persuasive, solid copy which gets results.
    He has written copy for a number of sales letters, landing pages, special reports and email autoresponder series for clients which have all performed very well."

    Chris Mole - Chris Mole Media
  • "Dave really gets direct response marketing, online and off."

    JON GOLDMAn, CEO - BRANDLauncher
  • “The marketing strategy Dave tailored to generate high net worth leads for me has brought me million pound clients.”

    william George - financial advisor
  • About Dave
  • Get £38 return for every £1?
  • Sales Letters & Reports
  • Print & Design
  • About Dave Alston

    Dave is a freelance copywriter. He has worked with both B2C and B2B clients from USA, UK, Germany, Thailand, New Zealand and India across a variety of industry sectors.

    He has strong direct response marketing experience across markets including financial, natural health, cosmetic surgery, travel, Christian publishing and Christian counselling sectors.

    Dave also consulted for the premier direct response agency, Conversion Rate Experts for two years up until summer 2011 where he hugely enjoyed helping their clients get bigger wins by God's grace.

    Today he provides direct response copywriting services and runs his own sites.

  • A healthy £38 return for every £1 invested* proves the huge untapped ROI of your email autoresponder messages. Are your emails this profitable?

    For driving sales, email autoresponders are the unsung heroes of high web conversion rates. Email marketing stats from the DMA reveal nothing else even comes close.

    Imagine getting back £38 for every £1 you invest in email marketing :) (Source: Direct Marketing Association National Client Email Report 2015*).

    Today marketing automation autoresponder software works incredibly well because it is highly optimised to listen to, engage and convert prospects.


    New email automation software can synchronise your messages in advance to mirror your prospects every interaction with emails using behavioural marketing. This works seamlessly and is invisible to prospects.

    The more prospects engage with your messages the more the software responds by sending follow up emails based on what prospects reveal they are actually interested in through their actions like opens and clicks.

    When prospects don't engage with certain emails the software also drops off mailing frequency to them. This keeps spam complaints down.

    You keep everyone happy... prospects, customers, ISPs. Win, win.

    So now it is easy for you to match and respond to every prospect exactly as they wish to hear from you... at a pace they choose, so they stay happy.

    The new technology which does all this is affordable and easy to use. You can also split test email subject lines to show winners or cut losers.

    Therefore if you want higher conversions more frequently, get your email marketing campaigns set up correctly. They work tirelessly for you like an army of automatic sales people 24/7/365.

    Ask Dave to write them if you don't want to. He often gets between 25%-50% open rates and CTR rates of up to 25% and strong ROIs.

    Get in touch if you'd like his advice on email copywriting.

  • Sales Letters: A good headline is only the start


    If your headline and lead don't work, nothing else will work either.

    Your headline must command attention at the start.

    Some examples for you...

    Does The Canteen Go Silent When You Walk In?

    (B2B - Health and Safety)

    The Sin No One Talks About, Not Even Your Pastor

    (B2C - Christian)

    Retired USA Army General Now Says; "Buy as much rabid, stinking Vietcong stock as you can."

    (B2C - Financial)

    How To Fish While You Get Paid Well

    (B2C - Biz Opp)

    The headlines above evoke curiosity, strong emotion, plus hint at a solution to whatever issue the prospect faces.

    Why do I do that?

    To remove sales resistance to help blunt todays hyper scepticism.

    And curiosity as they say... killed the cat.

    Therefore try crafting headlines which combine uniqueness and curiosity which connect to one BIG IDEA promising a solution to the disruptive pattern interrupt/riddle set up in your headline in the first place.

    It is the unexpected, "enjoyable disruption" which hooks prospects.

    Your headline will become fun, almost a mini "quiz" for the prospect to solve. Then sales resistance drops a little more.

    The engaged reader will actively want to "solve the riddle" your headline set for them. Of course to get the answer they must ready your body copy.

    Ah yes, the body copy...

    Same goes for the body copy, don't reveal too much too soon. 

    There is much more to discuss on body copy, tone of voice, proof elements, offers, guarantees, call to actions and scarcity, yet we don't have space here.

    In the meantime if you need a sales letter, VSL or Special Report written give me a call to chat over your project. I am happy to help.

    Call 0808 164 1099 ( MON-FRI 9-5 GMT).


  • Want everything wrapped up in a bow?

    Then in addition to Dave writing the copy for your promotional campaigns ask us to produce your marketing collateral for you.

    You may even need a full brand makeover. No problem. In todays image driven society how you look is every bit as important as what you say.

    We will be happy to both design and produce the following for you...

    Brand Collateral (business cards, letterheads etc).

    Call 0808 164 1099 for details.

Contact Dave. Email: help [at] or call free: 0808 164 1099 (MON-FRI).